Sadie & Chris's Wedding

Oh my, oh my was this a special day! Of course for Sadie and Chris and little miss Ellie, but for me as well! I've been a photographer for many years, but weddings are relatively new for me. The fact that Sadie and Chris entrusted me with the responsibility of documenting this incredible day was a gift.

I first met Sadie and Chris when I took their engagement photos over a year ago. Right from the start I was enamored with them; best friends who decided to locate here in beautiful Sonoma county close to Chris' family. Sadie and her daughter Ellie were choosing to leave their family behind in Oregon. I identified immediately with Sadie, my story being similar: convinced by my California man to leave my home in Canada to relocate and get married. Sadie's daughter Ellie is about the exact same age as my eldest daughter. It's not an easy transition, but with the love of your partner and a solid, loving extended family to support, it's possible, and Sadie has this.

We had fun during the engagement session using Chris's Mustang as a key element, and of course, that tied right back in on the wedding day (How could it not!). You can see pics from their engagement session here.

Chris and Sadie's day was held together by love and family. Their venue, food, decor, was a home-grown, family affair. St Vincent de Paul in Petaluma, the site of their ceremony, is their family church, the reception was held at Chris' parents beautiful, spacious property. It was absolutely perfect.

I know how stressful this day can be, but despite that Chris and Sadie never lost sight of the reason why they were doing this. It all started, actually, the day before when we all showed up for the rehearsal...but there was no one there! Everyone took it in stride and decided that this was a bummer but not the end of the world, they would have to wing it on the day. And they did, and it was fantastic. Sadie was as cool and calm as could be...even when Chris almost saw her in her wedding dress as we uncovered the Mustang in the garage and he and his best man, Jose, unexpectedly showed up to drop off one of the family dogs! A funny moment I managed to capture on camera.

I hope I did their day justice. It was a beautiful day full of love and a whole lot of fun.

I wish Sadie, Chris and Ellie all the happiness in the world as they move forward as a family of three.


Enjoy the photos!



PS Much thanks to my second shooter Melanie Cahill who aced covering the stuff I couldn't and  hefting the gear for me!