What Should I Wear?


Trying to figure out what to wear for a shoot can be the number one struggle when preparing for a session. Nearly all of my clients have expressed their stress and/or uncertainty around it.

Hopefully I can eleviate some of that uncertainty, and thus stress, for you:

You have choices, you can go all out and buy all new outfits for everyone or you can work with what you've got.

For those of you who love an excuse to go on a shopping spree- this is an excellent one! It doesn't have to be pricey- Old Navy and similar stores have a ton of awesome, current, trendy or classic outfits, often at deep discounts if you catch a sale.

If you are doing a maternity shoot and want that flowy gown, specially designed to enhance your gorgeous belly, look to online sellers, I've heard from many that that is the way to go as actual stores specializing in maternity are hard to find and tend to be expensive.

You can also go the route of...what do we currently have in our closet? This is fine too. I don't know about you, but my kids have WAAAAY too much clothes, there's always something in there that is dressy that has not been used. You yourself must have a few go to pieces that will serve you well. Simple and elegant or classic is what we're going for- your clothes are not the subject, you are!

Essentially, what I want is for you to feel great in the clothes you choose. If you are comfortable and feel good, it will show in the images. Kids DO NOT respond well to wearing tight, scratchy clothes- you will get a lot of shots of them tearing off your thoughtfully assembled outfit!

The main rule of thumb is to wear something you feel really good in, and, if you are doing a family session, to choose outfits for everyone with a unifying color. We’re going for a harmonious look. I do not suggest that you all wear identical outfits- maybe the kids at most. Looking identical has its place and if you are looking for a comical family portrait, we can totally do this. However, if you want a less humorous, more dreamy, calm, beautiful family photo aesthetic, the best look is when everyone is wearing the same color palette, but entirely different pieces. For example, Dad might wear a gray sweater and blue jeans with a navy blue hat. Mom wears a navy blue dress with gray shawl or scarf, kids wear blue jeans and navy shirts with gray sweaters.

Additionally you can think about where you are taking the shots. Outdoor in yellow mustard fields? Contrasting colors like blue are great. White or off white is very dreamy and light. Are you in an industrial gray location? Then be the pop of color- red, orange, teal would look AMAZING!!

You might also be choosing seasonal colors depending on what type of session it is.

If all else fails, Pinterest and other amazing sites on the web are bound to give you some great ideas.

As always, we can message each other and work it out. I don’t want this to be stressful for you!


Another question that comes up is: Should I do hair and make-up? The simple question that leads to the answer is: "Would it make you feel more confident?" If “yes”, then yes!

Make-up can really make you pop in an image, and great hair, is, well, great hair! But if you are more of the au natural personality, I dig that too!

I want the photographs to celebrate you. When you look at yourselves, will you see you? If you are going to judge yourself on specific things, then attend to those things for the shoot. If what matters most to you is that moments, expression, emotions are captured, then I've got you covered!



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