I've been waiting a while to get to post these pics. A friend of a friend, Emma, contacted me a few months back to see if I could take a few photos of her tattoos so that she could send a framed print to her tattoo artist (as a thank you for the amazing work he did). Emma was cool with me posting some pics after the big reveal to her friend; it would take a while to get the work printed, framed and sent off to Spain!

Emma had a few ideas of how she wanted her tattoos documented, something simple against a white or black background. She also sent along some pics from the internet of poses that she thought looked good and would highlight the art. I thought a dark velvet background would be good too, but didn't have the cloth. We both hunted for some and Emma came through with something that we could work with.

One hour didn't seem like enough time. I felt like I was back in art school doing studio work and it felt amazing. Emma was an incredible model and her tattoos are gorgeous!

I had SO MUCH FUN doing this shoot. Afterwards I wanted to do more and would eye anyone I saw with a tattoo wondering if I could approach them and see if they wanted to document their skin art. Ultimately shyness won out.

Still, if you're reading this and you have tattoos, consider a session ( ha, shameless plug)!

Enjoy, below, the beautiful artwork on Emma's skin!

PS A few of the last shots are de-saturated for effect as well as hyper saturated on the last one. Let me know what you think!