Sadie & Chris & Little Miss Ellie

I was surprised and honored to be chosen out of a long list of suggested photographers, when Sadie put a call out on a Facebook group for recommendations. I'd thrown my name and website in the mix, not hoping for much given the stiff competition! 

Sadie was ready to do her engagement photos as soon as possible and I was happy to oblige as I had an opening that upcoming Sunday. And then began the search for the best location. The challenge was to find a place that we could park a Mustang for a few shots, but that was also kid friendly so her daughter, Ellie, could be in a few shots as well as the family dog, Roxie.

I spent a couple of hours over several days looking for the perfect spot and kept coming up empty. One location would be great for a car, but not kid friendly and vice versa. Where to find open space without fences or restrictions where we could feel comfortable taking pictures? I sent out an email to a friend who had a connection to a piece of property out near Sebastopol. On their end, Sadie and Chris had a friend who had property but he was away on vacation.

Come the day of the shoot, Sadie and Chris's friend had come through...right as my friend had finally answered with a yes. Suddenly we were flush with options. However, I wanted Sadie and Chris to feel as comfortable as possible, and their choice of location was not only familiar to them but also fantastic, so we went with that.

What gorgeous grounds we had access too! 

Sadie had let me know that this was not something they were used to doing, so I was prepared to help guide their poses, and yes I did some of that, but it actually turned out that they were naturals. Having Ellie there at the beginning really helped loosen us all up with her beaming smile. Then onto a couple of shots in the Mustang- so cool! Chris's Mustang was just the perfect prop for these two- Sadie's idea all the way! Its gorgeous red interior and shiny silver body was the perfect backdrop.  I favor the one hour photos session as it gives us all a chance to relax into it; by the end of the session Sadie and Chris were taking poses as though I weren't even there. They were also so cool with me continuously saying "Okay, last shot!" and then totally not making it the last shot, because I kept finding great spots to have them pose. I had a lot of fun.

I really appreciated their amazing sense of humor. Their love for one another was brimming over.

This family of three to be was stunning and the love they share made me kind of weepy, actually, as I went over the shots during editing.

I hope you like the shots as much as I do!