Morgan, Andy & Lucy

I was so excited to do this shoot. Morgan and Andy are new parents to Lucy, who is a fresh 6 weeks on this planet. 

The day of the shoot was HOT. We had no choice on timing, so it took place at 2:30 in the afternoon, still the height of the midday sun and heat. I got there a little early to scout for some solid shade, knowing the intense sun would not lend itself well to portraiture. There were plenty of oak trees, but the dappled light it afforded, while beautiful, also does not lend itself well to a flattering skin-tone quality. And then I found the spot, kind of gnarly, just off a very dusty path, in the golden grass by a rusty metal fence but with solid shade from a dense bush/tree combo. It wasn't much to look at, but then again, I knew, it doesn't take much to make magic!

I was so glad that Morgan and Andy were SO game, and SO prepared. They weren't afraid of wading into some grass and they came with a little basket to put Lucy in, a skin Andy had beautifully hand tanned for Lucy, and several outfits. Morgan had even made a sweet and delicate head band that features prominently in the shots (you'll see it in a moment!).

It was so hot, and we were all sweating, but somehow we managed to all just have fun with it. Morgan had so many great ideas about the images she hoped we'd create. I always love a creative collaboration. And Lucy was AMAZING! After a little milk from mama she blissed-out in that basket and let me pose her and take shot after shot. The love between Andy and Morgan was also a sight to see and an honor to capture.

Somehow the heat just added to their glow!

Check out the results below!