The Swansons

This was a photo shoot in the making for over three months. Jennifer contacted me a while back, expressing interest. In our conversations via messenger I learned that her dream shoot was to have her, her husband and six kids (yes, a super mama!) posed on the back of an old truck in a country setting. That, or the ocean.

Well, I love a challenge. At once I started to mull it over, think about what connections I might have to make this happen. Long story short, I have a friend who can make miracles happen via her connections. I owe her big time ( plus the folks who loaned the truck and the property!)!

The day of the shoot came and I was SO nervous. Not only was this my first time taking photos of such a large family unit, it was also my first time using a truck and this location with a beautiful red barn, but lots of troublesome areas that needed to be blocked out. The light, too, was constantly changing as we headed towards that magical golden light- too early and it would be too intense, too late and we'd miss it.

Meeting the Swansons finally was exciting...and a little nerve wracking as it's been a while since I've interacted with teenagers in the mix ( I needed to channel my Boys and Girls Club days...I fell short I'm afraid)! But I could tell they were very photogenic and mama had made sure they were all perfectly coordinated in colors complementary to the truck which was a soft yellow.

I will admit that at first, I froze. I had pulled out all the stops, even had extra help on hand, and at the moment when I needed to put everyone at ease and at the same time, get down to business so as not lose the light, I wasn't sure what to do. How does one pose a family of six on a truck? All the hours of prep almost fell out the window.

But then I took a breath and remembered that this is what I love, and here was a family that was clearly full of love for each other. I am a maniac for wanting to catch the candid moments. Even as I thought about light, composition, framing, and engaging everyone (worrying that if I was too slow I'd lose their attention, too fast and I'd miss something), I could see the small interactions in the moments between the shots that indicated how strong this family's bond is, even with the occasional frown or resistance to having to pose!

Jennifer and Nate had a beautiful chemistry that was evident in the moment and I hope carries through the images. And I have to mention the tattoos: I loved their tattoos!

What a gorgeous family.

I learned a lot. Definitely made mistakes. I leave you with some images to judge for yourself.