Baby Darwin

I haven't had much of a chance to shoot newborns, so when my friend Shannon came over with her three week old I asked if, pretty please, I could do a small session. What I wanted to do was practice wrapping baby Darwin in some cloth with his little naked body curled in the middle, however, I was informed that he hates being naked! So, the compromise was to keep his little onesie on. I am adaptable and love a challenge. Little Darwin is also a sleepy little nut, so he was super easy to position- it would seem, so long as he is allowed to sleep, he'll take any position we ask of him.

A little into the shoot, inspired by the green of the grass and the green scarf around him, I and my toddler picked a few leaves to lay as a little crown around his head. A little nature sprite.

The light varied a bit, at first providing light-box effects with an overcast sky and then super high contrast, difficult light, when the sun burst from behind the clouds.

Towards the end, after a little diaper change, Darwin got some rays on his bare skin, and I got to take a few shots of his adorable, tiny, soft naked body. Ahh! Those tiny fingers and toes!

A delightful little session! I can't wait to do more new born shoots!