Angeli, Jonathan, Garrett and Ethan

This was a mini Easter shoot that we'd set earlier but had to cancel due to the rain we've been experiencing here in Nor Cal (I'm not complaining!). So, sliding just under the wire, we had a quick rescheduled mini session on Saturday evening, the day before Easter! I'd chosen a park location that is usually quite empty with nice open lawns and blossoming bushes. Well, when I arrived early to scout I was blown away by how many people were there- of course! Easter weekend! Everyone was there having a barbecue. I quickly tried to adjust my expectations and plan some tighter shots to eliminate the busy background with continuous challenges of background elements  (ie kids, dogs, adults with Frisbees, you-name-it!) coming into the frame. So, this shoot was unique in that it was meant to be much shorter (a mini 15 minute session, though we definitely went over time!) and the framing had to be much tighter than I prefer.

Angeli is a mama I know from music class. When, in conversation, she found out I was a photographer she said "Oh wow! How much do you charge for a mini session? Can we do it Wednesday?" I appreciated her enthusiasm and willingness to get down to business!

What a lovely family. Garrett, her eldest boy has such an amazing personality. He's known in our class as the kid that gives hugs. He also knows his mind and tells us exactly how things are and ought to be. Ethan is just growing so fast, it was fun to catch those moments of complete alertness. As always, capturing everyone at once with all eyes open is a challenge. I just kept firing off those shots and in the end came out with a few great ones that I hope they'll love. A big thanks to Melanie of Melanie Cahill Photography with the reflector assist- you really helped us capture the light!

PS I stayed up late to edit the photos so they'd still have them in time for Easter! Worth it!