Ashley and David

This was an unexpected session. I got a call from Ashley the very same day as we had the shoot. It was her due date, and one of the things to cross off her  "TO DO" list before baby comes is a pregnancy photo shoot! I was super excited that they decided to give me a call. And luckily, my schedule was clear.

 I quickly packed my gear and met them at a spot they had scouted for blossoms. The site was challenging, there were fences in the way, the blossom trees were a little tall; but with some creative maneuvering, we made the shots happen. I was super impressed with Ashley, gorgeously 40 weeks pregnant, willing to climb onto an old stump to get the shot! David was an incredibly good sport too, ready and willing to help me haul my step-stool to various locations as we aimed for the best possible angle.

It was a day of mixed light, even some showers, but mother nature cooperated with us, and we managed to get all the shots in our one hour session.

What a pleasure it was to take photos of this beautiful, fun couple who are about to experience one of the greatest miracles in life! All the best to you Ashley and David!