Caitlin gamely agreed, last minute, to do a portrait shoot with me. She suggested the field out behind her house. Hearing that, as I packed, I decided to take along my orange velvet (circa 1960s) chair as a prop, hoping it's colors would pop. Caitlin had a friend who wanted to do make-up on her, and the stars aligned so that she could do it right before the shoot. I also managed to get one of my fellow photographers and mama friend to come along too.

We were aiming for an hour before sunset for that lovely glow. Unfortunately, the clouds did not cooperate with us. We worked with what we had and had a great time doing it too. I'm looking forward to using Caitlin again for future shoots, she's a gorgeous woman, as you will see.



Down below is a pic of me as a "ukulele rock star". Melanie Cahill ( my fellow photographer friend) took some test shots using me as a model while we waited for Caitlin's make-up to be done. 

Ukulele Rock Star

Ukulele Rock Star