Autumn, Ricky & Rilo

This weekend I had a the pleasure of fulfilling a gift certificate photo session. It took a while to finally get this session set-up, and it all made sense to me when I met Autumn and Ricky: A wonderful, gentle and humorous couple who felt uncomfortable with the idea of a photo session. Had this not been a gift, they said, they probably wouldn't be doing this. The thought of the "attention" of the camera was not a comfortable scenario.

I get it. I myself am not comfortable in front of the camera. I felt immediately that I could  understand these two ( and their adorable little guy, Rilo) and that I could perhaps help them feel more at ease, starting with just some throw away shots to warm up and some great conversation. 

It helped that we were on a gorgeous piece of property, where they live. We got to start out our session with a nice little hike to a grassy clearing. Oak trees, madrones...some poison oak..lush grass. Even with an overcast sky, this place was beautiful and inspiring. So were Ricky and Autumn, for that matter! A very handsome couple indeed. And as it turned out, Ricky was full of great ideas as to where to pose and what to do. I love it when my clients take the lead on poses. Little Rilo was a total hoot, handing me pieces of grass as a gift, giving me huge smiles and taking all of it in stride. What an amazing toddler to handle a one hour session so well!

I could have stayed the rest of the day. What a lovely family and what a fun session.